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RESIDE energy mapping tool

This mapping tool is a geographical information system-based toolkit that combines GIS, available public and survey-sourced data to provide spatially-based house-by-house characteristics and energy data mapped for dwellings in Chennai and Delhi gathered from preceding RESIDE project work packages.


The thematic maps show ‘hotspots’ of energy use both as standalone and characterised by specific dwelling contexts.

  • The first tab provides contextual factors for the dwellings, including dwelling size, income group, and housing tenure.

  • The second tab provides energy use data for the dwellings

  • The third tab provides energy use data characterised against contextual data.


The intent behind mapping the data is to allow for rapid and accurate identification of which dwellings can take up demand reduction measures. This will help to target appropriate streets and or neighbourhoods for widespread deployment of demand reduction measures (including insulation, shading, and low energy cooling) combined with rooftop solar. These local energy maps are useful for local stakeholders and government involved in improving the housing stock.

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