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Panellist at UK India Joint Consultation event

19 February 2021

Professor Rajat Gupta was invited to be a panellist at the online ‘UK-India Joint Consultation’ event on sector needs on Decarbonisation. Professor Gupta spoke about the ongoing research on mitigating resident energy demand in India as part of the RESIDE project.
The event was organised by Finovista and Unconventional Connections and held on 19 February 2021. It was as part of ‘UK-India Innovation Partnership Initiatives on Low-Carbon Growth/Climate Change’, a programme commissioned jointly by Department for International Trade (DIT) and Science & Innovation Network (SIN), British High Commission, India.
The programme aims to identify strong areas of UK expertise /innovations that could be jointly developed or rolled out with Indian partners to meet challenges faced by Indian businesses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

RESIDE highlighted in keynote at international conference

20 February 2021

Professor Rajat Gupta was invited to deliver a keynote at the virtual ‘International Conference on Built Environment, Science and Technology’ (ICON-BEST 2021) held on 20-21 February 2021, India.
Professor Gupta’s keynote was entitled ‘Getting real: building performance evaluation in the Indian context’, and shared emerging findings from RESIDE research on human aspects of residential energy use.

RESIDE showcased in Diplomacy & Beyond Plus Magazine

March 2020

The Indo-UK RESIDE project was highlighted in a special issue of ‘Diplomacy & Beyond Plus Magazine’ (A Journal of Foreign Policy & National Affairs) on UK-India Academic Diplomacy 2020, published in association with British Council Division, British High Commission, New Delhi.
The special publication was released in March-April 2020 and was part of domestic and international events of British Council throughout the year.

Presentation at BEHAVE 2020-21 conference

21 April 2021

Professor Rajat Gupta and Dr Anu Antony of Oxford Brookes University delivered a conference presentation on Empirical assessment of sociotechnical factors that influence residential electricity use in India at the virtual BEHAVE 2020-21 conference on behaviour and energy efficiency held from 21-23 April 2021. The paper was based on survey data gathered in the Indo-UK RESIDE project.

RESIDE findings shared at an invited lecture

10 December 2021

Professor Rajat Gupta (Oxford Brookes University) was invited by the premier Central Building Research Institute, IIT Roorkee (India) to deliver an expert lecture on 10 December 2021. Professor Gupta’s lecture was on Moving towards climate smart buildings and included finding from RESIDE field work on measuring residential energy use across urban Indian dwellings.
The invited lecture was part of ‘Lecture Series’ by eminent speakers on Energy and Climate Change Mitigation, and was attended by over 100 delegates from industry, academic and policy-making.

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