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Occupant comfort and experience

1. Occupant satisfaction survey (perception of indoor environment and control) e.g. building use studies (BUS) survey

2. Semi-structured interview (individual occupants)

3. Thermal comfort diary (thermal sensation and thermal preference of occupants)

4. Focus group (collective) with occupants to discuss common questionnaire findings in more depth



Template / tool

How it works

How it works

Each study element in the I-BPE framework adopts a graduated approach (from levels 1 to 4) of increasing complexity and detail. These levels can be seen by selecting one study element.

For each element, Level 1 is the basic method to implementing the BPE element and higher levels can be added to the preceding levels for a deeper investigation. Note that though the design is additive with a graduated approach of increased complexity, lower levels are not always required to implement higher levels. 

Each level has guidance that can be accessed.

Several levels also have tools or templates that can be accessed. Note that the tools are only examples and may need to be updated for a particular location / climate and will need to be updated to fit the particular needs of your POE study.

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